Healthy Food on a College Budget

Hello Readers,

Here is PART ONE of my new food series called “Healthy food on a College Budget”. This is one topic that is near and dear to my poor student heart. This weeks recipes were all from my heart and my stomach!

This week I have made Garlic Smashed potatoes with Roasted veggies and bone-in Chicken!

Step 1. Boil baby potatoes. (my favourite are the assorted bag from Superstore, the assortment adds colours to your dish). Preheat Oven to 400 degrees fahrenheit.


Step 2. As Potatoes are boiling, put your bone-in Chicken in a pan and add spices as desired. I added Ms.Dash (Ms.Dash is salt less which is better for the heart ❀ ). I add a little oil to the pan to add some crisp to the chicken. Put Chicken into oven for 15 minutes.

Step 3. Take soften Baby potatoes out from the boiling water. (Potatoes should be ready after 15 minutes in the boiling water). Oil large pan, place soften Potatoes on the greased pan. Take a fork and smash the potatoes just enough to tell you can see the fork indent. Than add:

  • Garlic Salt (sprinkle as much as desired)
  • Rosemary
  • Red Onion (diced)
  • Garlic (2 cloves)
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Olive Oil on top of smashed potatoes


Step 4. Remove Chicken from oven and place frozen vegetables into pan (frozen is a cheap alternative), code with seasoning (I add Ms. Dash). Place Chicken and seasoned vegetables back into the oven, along with the smashed Potatoes.


Step 5. Convection bake the 2 dishes for 15 minutes or until potatoes are golden brown and the Chicken Medley is fully cooked. (Chicken should be white).

Step 6. Remove and Serve πŸ™‚




Hello Readers,

Thank you for so much all your support, its been very humbling!

Many of you may might not know but I have one brother, he is 22 and lives in Edmonton. He is not a fan of Calgary and the overwhelming amount of love he receives when he is here. He is overwhelmed with loads of stories my mom and I tell him and the many questions he is asked and photos taken.

When he comes home we love to take our fur brothers (2 rescue border collies) out for a walk in the country. I love those two fur brothers just as much, or more than my human brother;)

Milo is our black and white collie who is 6-year-old. He loves to play with his brother and loves cuddles. He is the sweetest boy and loves people. Unlike his brother Shamus, who is 11 years old and couldn’t care less about playing or cuddles. He loves his bed and long walks. We were afraid he was going deaf because when I would yell his name he just continued to walk without a flitch or care in the world, though I have a feeling he may be ignoring us instead.

I love having all my brothers in the same house, though it gets very hectic and there is lots of yelling and barking. I wouldn’t have it any other way, go and hug your siblings and make some memories, even if it bugs them πŸ˜‰

All my brothers in 1 photo!


Breanna Megan ❀

Winter Wonderland

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone had an amazing holidays, I sure did! I thought it was fitting since the Holiday’s just passed, for my first blog to be on my the most important gift I was given, the gift I gave to myself… A ski trip!!!!

One thing to know about me is my love for the outdoors, its an amazing love, the one that lasts a life time. I unfortunately have not gotten out of this busy growing city in quiet some time. So as a treat to myself, my friend and I decided to get away for two days and one cozy night.

We booked a lovely night at The Copper Point Resort in Invermere, British Colombia. I fell in love! This gorgeous town is made up of trees, snow and gorgeous boutiques and friendly strangers.

As we drove from Calgary, Alberta to Invermere, British Columbia. We faced lots of snow and beautiful views. The most amazing time spent in a car I have had in a wild, with great conversation and my amazing singing (which is a joke by the way) the trip was off to a great start!

We walked through the beautiful town of Invermere, visiting the many adorable shops. We bought hot chocolate and yummy maple donuts. I picked up an adorable scarf, ring and hat from a local consignment store. I’ve become obsessed with local, organic and small shop living. So this store screamed me:)

After an amazing dinner at Pippy’s Pizza we headed to Radium Hot Springs. A local treasure, a naturally founded hot springs in British Columbia. We came back to the hotel for a great nights sleep!

Woke up early, got dressed in all our skiing gear and headed to Fairmont Ski Hill. Took the very windy ride up the hill to the very top. Put on my ski boots, my big puffy winter coat, my moms over sized snow pants (because I couldn’t find mine). All of this just to be told by a very kind Samaritan, “Hey girls, you know that the bunny hill is the only run that is open?”.

Though our trip lead to a sad climax, we made the most of our little but amazing trip and took the most amazing drive home where we shared many laughs, mostly at ourselves for how dumb we looked when we realized how far we had come for nothing. But also for the many memories we had made!

It isn’t always about the destination but more so the journey it took to get their. Something we had to tell ourselves on our long 3 and 1/2 drive home to the flat prairies of Alberta.


img_20161221_164443_553Breanna Megan ❀