Travel Must Haves!!!

I have traveled lots in the last two months from Brooks to Lethbridge and now Edmonton. I currently am in the market for a new vehicle, so my main form of transportation is the Greyhound bus. Though I haven’t had this best experience using this form of transportation I have acquired some important travel essentials.

The first traveling essential is the most important, a large duffle or messenger bag that is easy to carry and pack. This bag was given to me as a gift, it is a black large duffle bag from Pink. I love all aspects of this bag from the little pockets inside, to the colour and versatility.

Here is the Black Duffle Bag I use!



Another great travel essential is a blanket scarf, these scarfs are great for these cold Canadian winters. I where mine as a scarf tell I get on the bus than while taking off my jacket i unravel my blanket scarf into a blanket. The Aritzia ones are gorgeous but there are plenty cheaper alternatives, mine in this photo was from a second-hand store in Invermere, British Colombia.


When traveling with a third party company sometimes your luggage can go missing. I travelers advice is to put any jewelry, electronics, and anything important and valuable into your carry on. I like to bring on my Aldo brown messenger bag or my Roxy backpack onto the bus with all of my valuables.


This photo was used in a past post!

If you guys are interested in a “what’s in my travel bag” blog, lemme know:) Show me all your “must have” travel essentials, with the #travelwithbre. ALSO I have some exciting news coming soon, watch out for big announcements on my Instagram, @beauandremi.


A Girl and Her Bag <3

This week I invested in my first leather messenger bag!! It was not just an investment in my wardrobe but in my future, with only a year left of College it is time to start thinking about my career. Though I have never been super career driven, my Business Administration Diploma will land me my perfect little administration job and alongside me will be this beautiful brown messenger bag 🙂


This messenger bag I recently purchased from Aldo Accessories, it is in the colour Cognac and is tech friendly with added padding for your laptop.A lealther messenger bag is a essential for not only fashion but practicality!


This leather bag has many compartments to store everything a girl needs 🙂 This bag was a beauty to shoot, its colours become so vibrant in this amazing lighting that The Lord himself gave us!!


Comment below all your favourite messenger bags ❤